~How to Enable Your Java~ 

I have learned Java-Lake Applets. If you are getting a Grey Square on some of my pages & no picture, you need to Enable your Java. 

If you have AOL 4.0 ~ Here's How 

If You have a different Net Service, Go to Help 
Go To~My AOL at top of screen & Click Preferences / WWW / 
~At the Very Top~ Click SECURITY~ Then Click INTERNET~ 
Go to Bottom where it Says~CUSTOM LEVEL and Click on it~ 
Scroll down until you get to JAVA~JAVA PERMISSIONS 
Take the check OUT of the DISABLE CIRCLE & click One of the others. 
Now Click LOCAL INTERNET & Do the Same Thing~ 
Then Click~O.K. 
Now you have to UNCHECK Compressed Graphics~ Click WWW again & go to top where it say's~WEB GRAPHICS & Click. Make sure there is NO CHECK in the little white box you see.~ 
Click o.k. 
Thats it. Now you should be able to see All Java Pictures.