They gave up all their tomorrows,
   For the freedom we enjoy today.
   They gave up their hopes and dreams
   That we might have a better way.

   They marched across this nation,
   With freedom in their breast.
   They sailed across the ocean
   To meet each and every test.

   They fell at Valley Forge.
   They marched through Tennessee.
   They bled and died at Gettysburg,
   So that we might live free.

   They fought oppression in the Forest of Argonne,
   Battled beneath the Verdun sky,
   As they fought the war of wars,
   Where so many were to die.

   They stood on Iwo Jima
   And raised Ole Glory way up high,
   As cries of fallen comrades
   Reached far into the sky.

   In the battle of the Bulge,
   Were young men, brave and true.
   They stumbled upon distant beach heads,
   Trying to make it through.

   They were there to aid Korea
   Some, not knowing why?
   Only knowing, that it was ordered
   And some would surely die.

   They fought in Vietnam,
   Not knowing friend or foe,
   With peers, at home protesting,
   Wailing sad, sad, songs of woe.

   They showed up in Croatia,
   Were there in Desert Storm,
   Brought freedom to Afghanistan,
   Protecting Iraq was just the norm.

   They had plans for the future.
   They had loved ones left behind,
   They were sacrificed for others,
   Heroes... the very valiant kind.

          -- Freda Fullerton



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