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"Scatter seeds of kindness
everywhere you go.
Scatter bits of courtesy -
Watch them grow and grow.

Gather buds of friendship,
Keep them till full-blown,
You will find more happiness
Than you have ever known."

By Amy R. Raabe 

We are not here by chance.
God put us here for a purpose,
and our lives are never fulfilled and complete
until His purpose becomes the foundations
and center of our lives.

Mr. Mom Needs Your Prayers & Love Offerings (Donations) To Help Spread "His" Inspirational Words of Wisdom, and Love to Make the Internet a Better Place for Families. My Goal is to reach everyone on the Internet and keep this site growing and growing  I add new pages all the time. I can do this with Your help. There is no Donation too small that comes from the Heart. And helps us bring the tools needed for ministries To All People on line. Your help has provided this site to be used by many organizations such as Churches, Schools, Colleges, Veterans Groups, Medical Staff, Nursing Homes, Service Men/Women, Support Groups, Ministers, Hospice, and Families. We also send these Pages to people who don't have computers even in other countries.

What do you get for Your donation?

You get a family Christian web site for everyone free of smut or porn or link that end up to them. We have 450 pages containing Inspirational Poems and Stories, Kids pages, Teens pages, Veterans pages, Genealogy pages, Pet pages, and Missing Children, with 275 pages that have music and 378 graphics and 17 special effects. 10 Christian Chat Rooms, Most importantly, we're making a difference on the internet by providing a safe place for families to worship and pass His word to others. It takes a lot to maintain this web site.  Some ask "Why not Free Sites?" I cannot utilize most free sites, because my site is too large for them to accommodate.  Also, I cannot control what links or advertisers they use, which may lead to unwanted accessibility to sites that are less than desirable and often offensive.  With so many children and teens visiting this site, we have to be very careful to help prevent them from going to the "Bad Sites".  I use Local web servers to provide you with the quality web site you and I want. I ask for donations only from people who who feel that this web site is worth it and would like to help keep it on the internet. Donations are not in any way a requirement to view all my web pages or share them with other people.

About Mr. Mom and His family

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