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About Me Mr. Mom (chill)

I was born in Los Angles Ca. on 9/27/1947

I have 2 brothers and one sister (Cindy L. Morley)   she lives in SD. My Mom (Frances L. Morley) lives with us ever since my Dad  passed away. My twin brother ( Ralph E. Morley) passed away Nov. 15, 2001. My oldest brother (Patrick W. Morley) died at the age of 49 from Agent Orange.

I am a Disabled Vet with many medical problems that occurred from Agent Orange while in Viet Nam. I have learned to deal with my limitations and am very happy. Not being able to work I feel that God has used me by inspiring me to creating this web site to try to make a better place on the internet.

My nick name "chill" I got from my youngest stepdaughter as when I would get mad at her she would pat me on the head and say it will be ok and tell me to chill-out before you have a stroke.

As a stay at home dad "Mr. Mom" I do all the cooking and help around the house when I can.

I created Mr. Mom's web site to share things that I have learned and to try to make a better place on the internet. There is a little something for everyone. God gives us the gift of faith to share. May we give it to others in the loving spirit in which it was given to us.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life
And the chance you have given me
To work and play, to love and be loved
And especially, to honor You.

All I ask is that you use me, Lord,
However you think I can be
Of help to my neighbor so that I may live
Each day with a purpose and something to give

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My face in the mirror

Isn't wrinkled or drawn.

My house isn't dirty.

The cobwebs are gone.

My garden looks lovely,

And so does my lawn.

I think I might never

Put my glasses back on.


Mr. Mom and Wife....

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