America the Beautiful 

America the beautiful,
America the free,
America my homeland,
What have they done to thee?

The hate that festers round the world
We’d hoped to keep at bay,
Has finally broken down our walls
And come to roost this day.

The nameless, faceless cowards that brought
The City tumbling down,
Forgot that this great country,
Will always rally round.

Filled with smoke and flames this night,
The City wears a shroud,
Yet turn your eyes upon the bay
Where Liberty still stands proud!

America the beautiful,
America the free,
America, my homeland--
The Land of Liberty!

Linda Newman
All rights reserved.

America Still Stands Proud

God’s blessings on America
This night, while fires still rage
In New York and in Washington,
Fueled by hate’s jealous rage.

And woe to those, the perpetrators
Of this heinous crime,
Who dared to author history
Of the most insidious kind.

They think their hate can bring us down,
But America, shout out loud:
America still stands proud!!
Linda Newman
All rights reserved.

A Prayer

God bless the men who died this day,
God bless the women , too,
And all the little children, Lord,
Who now reside with you.

And bless the friends and families
That they have left behind;
Enfold each one within Your arms
That they Your peace may find.

Evil may have struck a blow
And brought us to our knees,
But love will raise us up again
And give our heart’s some ease.

And Lord, be with the people who
Must, in the days ahead,
Face horrors unimaginable
As they dig out the dead.

Each and every one of us
Has been changed this day some way;
So Lord, be with America
And heal our hearts we pray.


Linda Newman
All rights reserved.

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