Bible Puzzles by Darryl Clemmons

"Still Under construction"

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#51 I was offered for free But then I was bought Because the full price Is what my buyer sought There was an altar made And I have seen a lot of wheat And the buyer wanted me Because seventy thousand were beat The man of God then used me And the plague was stayed And he realized from Godís way He should never have strayed I am not a person nor a thing I am simply a place And I hope you never need me So shun my buyerís disgrace.
#52 I tore my clothes For a vow I had made And one in my family I felt I had betrayed And later some men Threatened to take my life And this was after defeating Ones who gave me great strife They said they would take my house And strike it with fire But I didnít grasp itó Earlier pleas didnít transpire But they said now they had help They wanted to give And because I didnít seek it I guess I wouldnít live So I gathered my men to fight And this is no joke The way that we won Was the way that they spoke.
#53 When Jesus the Lord said, ďYou are not my sheepĒ I was standing there But I did not weep It was in Jerusalem one winter And they were having a feast And there were people gathered round Maybe even some priests I was there when a lame man Was given his strength And Peter gave a speech Not very long in length He said they denied Godís Holy One and the Just But some disliked his talk And into custody he was thrust You also find me You could say shortly thereafter A man and his wife were judged For what they were after Now my name is not Peter I am not even a man And some even use ones like me When getting a tan.
#54 My lover had a secret He did not reveal to me But I sought out the answer Because of what others said to me So I sought out this mystery And I even cried with tears And pleaded that he take his answer And speak it in my ears It was the seventh day
When I finally broke through And the answer was revealed To both me and to you The riddle that he had Was all in fun and games And some people later got to me And you do not know their names They took my father and myself And burnt us with fire And between them and my husband There would always be much ire.
#55 Paul spoke about me And said that I was Christ And in that chapter he mentions me He named me even twice I donít know if Paul took this passage And read it out loud
But he did say the people Were baptized in the cloud Paul said that I followed them
I didnít leave them behind And while there are many names for Christ Please tell me which is mine.
#56 I stole from my mother Her money so dear I later confessed it As I spoke words to her ears ďThe silver I haveĒ Is what I said And with what later happened Iíd been better off dead The money she gave me To do something wrong To make me an idol And my sin was prolonged I took me a priest And did right in my eyes But it didnít go as planned I say to my surprise People stole what I had They were too strong to beat And I was left without my gods And only a defeat.
#57 I stood upon my watch I spoke unto the Lord I even wrote a book That contains much discord I had a question I had to ask For all the violence I see But I wasnít really prepared For the words God spoke to me Judgment was coming It was certainly true But once I heard what would happen I turned incredibly blue It didnít take long before I changed And mercy was on my mind For the prophecy that I saw
Was terrible for my fellow mankind.
#58 I had a job from my master to do That took a little time And what I had to do sounds strange But it was not a crime I had to search and find someone That I had never met But when we met I knew it was she And on that you can bet Well I took an oath--followed the Lord-- I certainly accomplished my pursuit I went on a journey in search you see And I took a lot of loot My trip went well just as I had hoped It worked as God had planned I found her there and I praised God
While in a distant land.
#59 I am only in the Bible Just one time I canít walk or crawl And I certainly canít climb
A scribe stood upon me For I was made of wood And he spoke from a book
That surely was good Ones like me exist Even in your day But no one stands upon me They use me another way.
#60 Solomon warned against me Because poverty I can bring So stand on up And let your voices sing When you see me with Adam Something great he gained When you see me with Jacob Something comes to his brain When Samson was with me It cost him so dear And when Samuel was with me A voice came to his ear Well, I am something you need You use me all the time But do not over use me You should arise with the chime.