"Forgiven portrays one of the most important truths--
no matter what sins we may have committed, God
has made the way for forgiveness and restored fellowship
through the astounding sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ...

The painting's dark background signifies sin. It is 
the world of darkness within us that the light of 
Jesus Christ seeks to invade... 

The mallet and the spike in the man's hands are 
reminders that each of us is responsible for the 
death of Jesus Christ on the cross... 

The contemporary man in the painting is in despair 
and ready to fall to the ground. His expression 
carries the pain of sin, and his helplessness reflects 
total dependence on Jesus Christ for his salvation... 

The figure upholding the repentant man is a 
picture of God's grace. He is the ever-present 
Jesus, ready to receive and redeem all who have 
been broken by the power of sin... 

The setting of "Forgiven" is Mt. Calvary, the 
place where Jesus was crucified. It is here that 
He died to redeem us to God. It is here that 
each sinner must come to be forgiven... 

Jesus' hands are slightly oversized, showing 
strength. They remind us that we cannot rely on 
our own strength; we are totally dependent upon 
the Lord... 

The halo of light around Jesus' head signifies 
His holiness and divinity... 

The wounded hand of Jesus over the man's heart 
upholds him and reveals God's desire to change 
all hearts by the power of His love... 

The white robe that Jesus is wearing speaks to 
us of His righteousness. It is the garment with 
which we must all be clothed... 

The blood that flows from Jesus' feet signifies 
the washing away of our sin and our 
justification before God... 

The lilies in "Forgiven" remind us of the Lord's 
beauty and our worship and adoration of Him, 
the Lily of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon... 

The lilies also represent our personal growth in 
the Lord. Because He is alive in us. His life will 
produce fruit for His glory...


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