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Jessie was a little girl,
Who was full of hopes and dreams.
As she walked in the park,
She laid in a field of green.
On her back she saw the clouds,
Gather in the sky.
A face appeared before her eyes,
The one that was crucified.
Jessie knew with all her heart,
Before this day was done.
She would be wrapped in his arms,
All covered with his love.

As she walked into her garden,
she stopped and picked a rose.
Then ran to her mother,
And fell into her arms.
As she looked into her mothers eyes,
This is what she said.

Mom every time you see a rose,
Would you please think of me.
There may come a time,
When roses will be all you see.
Mom you know just how much,
Roses mean to me.

Jessie's life on earth was short,
Just a mere 15 years.
But in that time she brought more joy,
Than a person twice her years.
She spread roses all around,
To everyone she knew.

Now every time you see a rose,
Your seeing Jessie to.
And every time you pick a rose,
Your holding Jessie heart.

Would you please spread them around,
Even though that is the hardest part.

Songwriter: Louie Armstrong
Music by Gary Williams



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