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Lord Please Bless My Computer


Every night I lie in bed

This little prayer inside my head

God bless my mom and dad

and bless my children

and take care of my spouse

who brings me so much joy...

God, there's just one more thing

I wish that you would do

if you don't mind my asking

to bless my 'puter, too??

Now I know that it's not normal

to bless a small machine

but listen just a second

and I'll try to explain...

You see, that little metal box

holds more than odds and ends

Inside those small components

rest a hundred loving friends.

Some it's true I've never seen

and most I've never met...

never shaken hands or

ever truly hugged, and yet...

I know for sure they love me

by the kindnesses they give,

and this little scrap of metal

is how I get to where they live.

By faith is how I know them,

Much the same as I know You.

I share in life it brings them,

So if it's OK with you...

Just take an extra minute

from your duties up above...

to bless this little hunk of steel

that's filled with so much love.

So God, Please Bless My Puter...

- author unknown-


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