Time is a River which we traverse
Always forward, which can never reverse
The flow carries us as it may
Past hardship, pleasure, work and play
These are but islands where we may pause
Here to learn of our strengths, and learn of our flaws
We carry mere portions of these away
Some carried forever, some only a day

I've encountered a tributary of joy in you
Indeed a rarity I shall not eschew
I hope that the River of Time shall allow
That I should remain on this course for now
For it brings me such pleasure to be with you
If only the rarest of moments, so few
Are allowed us right now to learn of each other
Yet I hope for another time, surely another
Which gives us the chance we truly deserve
To set time for each other in blissful reserve
Perhaps to travel the River described in this rhyme
Together, rather than one at a time.

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