~ Thanksgiving ~

Where should I begin
to thank you God for all you've given us.

First I want to thank you for the gift of Life, 
Grace and Choice bestowed upon us all.

The Simple things!

The blue skies and the smiling sun 
that keeps us warm.
The wonder of the rain
that nourishes the parched land.
The stars that brighten our path 
and guide us in the night.

The simple things!

Change of Seasons in all its wonder.
The first sign of Spring.
The beauty of a flower that first breaks ground.
Birds' melodies, carried by the balmy breezes,
announcing new life.
Warm rain after a long cold Winter.
The magic of budding trees.
A caterpillar evolves into a magnificent butterfly.
Good Health!

The birth of an infant with eyes 
to behold a mother's love.
A mother's joy in a miracle of birth.
An infant's first breath of life.
Unconditional Love!
Nurturing family love.
Understanding friends that support us.
Marvel of a morning Sunrise 
and tranquil moments
of an inspiring Sunset.

The simple things!

Like food a-plenty, never having to thirst,
a roof over our heads. 
Divine Grace!

But most of all I want to thank *You God*
for sending to us a Savior, *Jesus*
who has taught me so much about
how to love unconditionally
and how to forgive and love ourselves
in order to love one another.

Many Blessings!

I'm still praying for a healing miracle 
for my grandson, Shiloh.
He is still in a coma 
but my Faith holds strong.
Not my will, but *Your Will* be done.
You are a loving God.

I sometimes complain but then 
I look around and realize 
how very fortunate I am.
If only we all took the time to observe
the simple things.

I am blessed with richness beyond words.

by~ Madeleine Armstrong

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