"The Lawman and the Lord" 

There was a lawman so proud and bold,
his uniform was trimmed with gold,
he toured the streets both day and night,
to protect us from the criminal's flight.

Our lawman was so very brave,
in the face of those who misbehave,
he was never alone from the very start,
for he had the lord within his heart.

Before he locked someone in a cell,
of Jesus love he'd always tell,
he would tell his prisoner that he could be free,
for the bail was paid on Calvary's tree.

When times were tough, he had no fear,
for he knew that Jesus Christ was near,
and if he gave his life in the streets so cold,
he would soon be walking the streets of gold.

He would no longer have to deal with crime,
he could hang up his gun for the very last time,
for the only battle scars in heaven's land,
are the ones that are in the Savior's hands.

The lawman prospered throughout his career,
for the love of the Lord he held so dear,
he looked forward to his heavenly reward,
for such is the lawman and the Lord.

Author Unknown

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