I wanted to take this opportunity to drop you a line,
To thank you for all of man kind.
I don't know if we can truly comprehend,
Just what you endured to save us from our sin.
You walked to that cross, 10 thousand angels at your call,
Yet you offered not the slightest fight at all.
Long ago in that faraway land,
Can we really understand?
You gathered, taught, loved and healed,
Yet your blood, we freely spilled.
How your heart must have broke,
You you died to free us from every yoke.
The love so great in you.. Your  plea.. forgive them 
Father, they no not what they do.
Unwilling that even one should fall,
You sweet Jesus gave your all.
First the Father, then the Son, 
Thank you for all that you have done.

Author Dawn Joy Kidwell



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