If you could give her fifteen
minutes of your day......

You could read an adventure
about outer space
or meet her for tea
at her little place.
You could learn a funny joke
or sing a funny song
Let her stand on your feet
as you dance along.
You could learn about flowers
and bugs and things.
There's plenty in the garden
Even things with wings!
You could go fishing and swimming
and have lots of fun
and you could sit together
and watch the setting sun......

When your everyday busy schedule
takes you away, give her fifteen
minutes to make her day....special.


It' like walking against a furious wind
When you take up that cross against all sin
When you refuse to accept what they put on your plate
I'd rather starve than drink that cup of hate
The demons like to tell you all, it's too late now
Fill your minds with confusion so they can take you down
What will you do with all that knowledge in your head
You could drown in the possibilities until you are dead
How do you know who is your friend or enemy?
Have you asked yourself if you are friend or enemy?
Only in your heart the truth does reside in
It's your head you have to check on a regular basis
If your head and your heart can't become one
Then you'll walk in darkness until you find the Son
If you ask for directions you will receive a map
You'll be too busy finding the way to ever look back
Though the world seems crazy and the earth is sick
Don't be angry with God because you chose to sin
It's the people who choose to murder, cheat and lie
That bad things happen and the innocent to die
We all are alike only one thing sets us apart
That we choose to believe what's in our heart
We were granted many gifts one of them is choice
Don't confuse in your actions what you do with your voice
One will always be louder than the other
Which will speak for your character brother
Some scream really loud and still aren't heard
Because they talk the talk instead of walk in the word.


I remember sitting by a familiar pool of water
Skipping stones across a reflection of someone younger
I breathed in the salty air with a feeling so low
Knowing that very soon I would have to go
I never wanted to leave my childhood place
For it kept me warm inside and I knew I was safe
I didn't know what awaited me beyond my innocence
And to my young mind leaving made no sense
I was showed the ways of a hard and cruel world
I'd be shocked at first then it would all unfold
When I finally accepted what had to be confronted
That was when I knew this journey had just started
I'm a lot older now but still considered young
I'm not one of the wisest but please don't call me dumb
My appearance is irrelevant to what there is to say
I like to listen and watch what happens day to day
I've been on many roads and lived in many places
I've met a lot of people and can still see their faces
My memories to me area treasured possession
I like to reminisce and remember all the lessons
Now I dream of quiet lands that make me feel safe
And I've been there long ago in my childhood place.



A time of silence
Is best for all
May I be awake
To hear your call
To listen hard
Is the way
To receive the message
Every day
If it is your will
Then let it be
But if it is not
Remove from me
Thy kingdom come
And we'll be free
To show our love


A young man picked up
A Flute one day
He though he'd give it a try
He placed his fingers then his lips
And the notes went high and high
He moved his fingers up and down
He danced while he played
His music called to the winds
A gentle serenade
Then the birds began singing along
A chorus for what he played
And to a stranger to chance upon
Would think it everyday
What he played on that Flute
Was a legend born, a gift from the sky
As the sounds of love poured
From that Flute
The tears poured from my eyes.


Through good times and bad times
I've always thought of you
Looking up at the stars on a warm summers eve
I've often thought of you.
Searching for myself inside my heart
At times all I can think of is you
A special day is coming that was
Especially made for you.
I just want you to know that there is no other
That I think about than my mother.


I'm just a kid inside
Trying to survive
In the same old world.
Just like you,
I have fear sometimes,
But I have a very
Good comforter
That keeps me warm
When times get cold.
I'm a lot older,
And I know a lot more,
But it doesn't mean
I understand any more.
I am the way I am
Because I must do
What's right in order
For me to survive,
In an over complicated
And busy world.
But in all reality,
I'm only a kid
Just like you,
On the inside.


Is she getting older or younger?
She can't remember her age.
Her directions tend to wander
So they keep her in a cage.
Her mind has run away
Doesn't want to be here anymore.
She wakes up to a new day
Or is it the one before?
Why has her mind lapsed?
Going room to room back and forth
How much time has passed?
Is this what it's all for?
Please don't let her down
She's done so much for you.
When they put her in the ground
She'll have been worth it, too.
Will you remember me?
When I ask your name?
Will I remember me?
Would you ask the same?

The changes are upon us,
You know that it's time
When pearls of wisdom
Are cast be swine.
When men become like women,
And women wish to be men,
And they march in the streets
For the right to sin.
When justice is for the rich,
And prisons for the poor,
When men of God preach
It's a time of war.
When children are murdered
And the old are forgotten,
Set aside by the families
Of whom they've begotten.
When leaders of democracy
Are voted in by fools,
And where hypocrisy is
The golden rule.
When the working man slaves
For the wheel of prosperity,
And if he doesn't behave
Must choose job over family.
The riches of the world
Are black with oil,
And men would kill
For what's under the soil.
They say it's all about Good
And worth fighting for,
With greed as their leader
They call it a "Holy War"
A time to wake up!
A time to start giving!
This world is death!
The new one is living!
And all in all it will be,
Just like the times before,
When the cycle of man
Comes full circle once more.
And though you've been told
Many times, many ways
Thru the stories of old,
There are no "good ol' days".


Two reflections of me
Standing in the room
The darkness grabbed me
For a second
Looking deep
I was young
Looking into infinity
The future looked back

A flashing memory
Of time passing by
A strange journey
In a dream
I remembered
I was old
Looking into infinity
The past looked back.

A Poem by: Dawna Jean Smith

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