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Midi by Margi Harrell copyrighted


Life is not always fair,
It will have its ups and downs,
And the good times and the bad.
Life can be exciting and filled with joy,
Or life can be hard and filled with fright.
Life can be filled with many feelings,
The feelings could be confusing at times,
And at other times be clear.
Life will include many decisions,
And some will be major,
But most will be minor.
The decisions made during your life
Will take you down many paths.
The pathway of life you choose to take,
Will determine weather
Or not you will  have
A good or bad life.
The decisions you make will
Carve your future and
The decisions you make can
Either help you or hurt you.

Katrina Windsberg

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The mistakes we make,
We are to learn from.
We are not always perfect,
And cannot turn back the clocks
To where we went wrong.
We have to keep on going,
Because if we get left behind,
We’ll never catch up.
The mistakes we make
May be for the better,
Or they may be for the worse,
But no matter what mistakes do
In the end everything will be okay.

Katrina Windsberg
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Beauty and Glory

In all the sadness and sorrow of life
There is joy and happiness,
There are many good things
That come from the bad
And beauty within every living thing.
Glory is always found with beauty,
And the two are inseparable.
Glory is the happiness in people,
Beauty is the joy that people feel.
The sadness and sorrow will always be there,
But the beauty and glory will shadow it.

Katrina Windsberg

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The morning sun is shining bright,
The last of the night is gone now,
A fresh new day has come.

For some today will be a happy day,
And for others it will be a sad day,
All together today will be a normal day.

Somewhere someone commit a crime,
Somewhere a baby will be born,
Somewhere something is happening today.

Once today is over no one can go back,
So while today is today do what can be done,
Because no one is able to stay behind.

Katrina Windsberg

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The light at the end of the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel
seems so dim and so far.
The light at the end of the tunnel
seems so warm and loving.
Right here it is so cold
being in shadows,
but then again it's not lonely
for everyone is in the darkness
struggling to the light.
Few have made it,
many have not quite
made it far enough.
The light at the and of the tunnel
seems so free like an eagle soaring.
The tunnel is a place here many
people live and many stories
are told of the travels that are taken.
And then, when
the ones ready to go toward
the light are summoned
by a messenger,
but the others await for
that day, the day they
will be able to enter
the light at the end of the tunnel.

by Katrina Windsberg

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Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,
Why am I here?
What am I doing?
And, am I important?
I ask myself these questions
Then end up answering them
With,  I don’t know.
Maybe someday I’ll figure it out.

Most of the time now days
I am lonely and confused.
I haven’t figured out
The person inside of me,
But maybe I will.
Then I can stop asking
Those questions with no answer.

My future seems to be a cloud
Just waiting for me to
Navigate my way to
The next stage of life,
But I seem to have
Lost my way and
I cannot find my way out.

I continue to ask myself questions
Like, Do I mean anything?
What am I doing wrong?
How can I make you see things my way?
These kind of questions have no answer,
And no one can answer them for me.

I cry out to you for help,
But you do not hear me.
I try to please you,
But you do not notice.
I try to tell you
What you mean to me,
But you are too busy to
Take time with me.

Please do not leave me alone,
But give me space
To find that person inside.
Let me understand that person
And then I will be able
To understand you.
Give me time to unscramble my thoughts.

This is yet a simple task,
Please do this for me.
Give me the chance to
Find myself in that big cloud,
Be patient with me
For I am still learning and growing.

   by: Katrina Windsberg  
        Sept 10, 1999

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