Know Thyself Child

I wish there was a way, 
that I could give to you,
the gift of my experience, 
what to do, to see you through
For the world is cruel and hard, 
the time to learn is short, 
Some people, they will hurt you, 
Play you, like a sport.

You see, I got this thing, 
this condition, this disease,
it leaves me open to abuse, 
so listen to me, please!
It's progressive, it is fatal, 
it came close to killing me...
For everything I had and loved, 
was not allowed to be.

It attacks me through my feelings, 
I get confused about myself, 
Live life in denial, 
Put my needs up on a shelf.
I always wound up hurting people, 
lost track of right and wrong, 
Hated who I had become, 
and had no trust in GOD.

But you don't have to go there,
do the things I've done,
It's not too late to show you,
your lives have just begun...

Listen to your feelings, 
express them honestly...
Don't bury them, or hide them, 
you won't have to be like me. 
Be mindful of your anger, 
it is dangerous indeed,
Don't hold it, Don't relieve it, 
For if you do, You won't be free.

Be considerate of others, 
without giving up your goals.
And when somebody hurts you, 
try Not to lose control.
Believe that you are worthy, 
you are capable and smart.
You can do most anything, 
all you have to do is start!

Begin each day by asking 
for help to see you through,
No Man can manage everything, 
But God WILL do for you.
So be on guard, learn to trust 
that guiding inner voice,
learn to understand it's place, 
in everything you do

for the price I paid to understand, 
to KNOW myself today,
very nearly buried me,
Please hear me when I say,

This disease I have, addiction, 
it will never give you peace,
once awakened, given life, 
it's a dangerous ravenous beast!
It has no conscience, no control, 
and prey's upon the week.
It steals from you your very soul..
and it runs in families.

children, mothers, fathers,
there's no favored taste it knows,
all it fears, and all it wants 
is absolute control.
And the only known elixir 
that seems to rise above
this monster of addiction...
is unconditional LOVE

So...Understand my children, 
why I pray to the Lord above,
learn if you can, from my mistakes, 
Yet know that you are LOVED 

Written by Dan Tomkinson

All artwork copyright Danny Hahlbohm, Duplication in any format expressly prohibited without the artist's written consent


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