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Oh, to have been there

When our Savior was conceived.

When the Glory of God descended

Upon the woman who had believed

That she would bear the King of Kings,

The Son of our Heavenly Father.

Oh, to have been with Mary,

Our gracious Redeemer's mother.


Oh, to have been there

When she wrapped the Holy Babe,

To have felt His glowing presence

In the manger where He lay.

To have seen God's love shining

From Heaven’s dawning morn.

Oh, to have worshipped Jesus

From the moment that He was born!


Oh, to have been there

When the thousands gathered ‘round

For as He taught His Holy message,

They uttered not a sound.

Oh, to have seen the miracles

That the Messiah had performed

Where He healed the sick, raised the dead

And calmed the violent storm.


Oh, to have been there

When they sentenced Him to die.

When they mocked and persecuted Him.

And their Master, the disciples denied.

Oh, to have seen Him struggle

With the burden of the cross.

This, our Savior lovingly endured

To redeem the sinners yet lost.


Oh, to have been there

When He gave His life that day.

When at Calvary, He suffered a death

That would wipe our sins away.

Oh, to have grieved with Mary

As she laid her son to rest

And as she wrapped the Holy Shroud

‘Round the man who'd fulfilled his quest.


Oh, to have been there

When the stone was rolled aside

To bring forth our Risen Savior

So that forever, He could guide!

The Son of God had come to Earth

To die for all who believe.

Oh, to respond to the Heavenly trumpets

When His flock, our Shepherd retrieves!

by:   Karla W. Daigle


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