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" The Little Girl From Kosovo"

The little girl sits in her tent,

Far from her home land.

She lost her mom she lost her dad,

And she’s doing the best she can.

With a great big heart and a steady hand,

She draws pictures for all to see.

At five years old she is without a doubt,

The bravest child this world has seen.

When other children start to cry,

She takes them in her arms.

She brushes their tears away,

And shelters them from harm.

She tells them "I've lost my mom and dad,

But I am not afraid.

Would you please sit here by me,

And let's draw pictures in the sand."

I saw this little girl on the news,

As I was getting ready for bed.

My heart just broke and tear drops fell,

As I bowed my head in prayer.

Dear God I cried with all my might,

Why does that man hate her so.

All she wants is her mom and dad,

And to be back in her home.

This little girl is telling us all,

To be brave like her.

If she was the only one,

She would be worth fighting for.

But there are so many just like her,

And they are the reason that we fight.

So let's win this war and take her home,

So she can be home tonight.

Songwriter: Louie Armstrong ICQ#9513683

Music By Gary Williams


Gary's Music BMI

What a shame the tears the blame,
The souls that form a human chain.
Being driven from their homes,
As they go up in flames.
Being led like cattle to the slaughter house,
As they load the trains with their hurt and pain.
With out stretched hands and pleading eyes,
The trains take them from their home land.

Some are forced to walk or crawl,
As soldiers wait for one to fall.
The wind is cold that bites their face,
Their babies cry for milk to drink.
The border is so far away,
As young and old make their way.
The old need to stop and rest,
But soldiers wait for one to fall.

Some are kept to form a human shield,
Destroy a people is his cry.
Power he wants as he sips his wine,
Destroy a people is his cry.
Money he has in a foreign land,
Destroy a people is his cry.
He goes to sleep in clean white sheets,
Destroy a people is his cry.

Their hurt and pain went unnoticed,
Until the United States heard their cry.
Now we come with ships and planes,
The bombs will fall on Belgrade.
Those white sheets that you sleep in,
That keep you so safe and warm.
Will soon be covered with your blood,
As you stand before God above.

Songwriter: Louie Armstrong  ICQ# 9513683
Music By Gary Williams
Gary's Music BMI


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