A Parent's Prayer  On Your Wedding Day

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May your day be filled with happiness,

And the sun shine on your life;

May joy and laughter be with you,

As you become husband and wife.

May the angels sing with joy for you,

On this your wedding day;

A song of celebration,

That will follow you on life's way.

We pray that God will bless you,

No matter where you go;

That love and laughter and children,

Will fill your happy home.

Our hearts are filled with love and pride,

As we watch you standing there;

We wish you the joy you've given us,

This is your parent's prayer.

Allison Chambers Coxsey



Wedding Song

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Simple vows are spoken,

As we make this brand new start;

Vows and rings are exchanged today,

As we join heart to heart.

A time of new beginning,

Of joy beyond compare;

Life is there before us,

With so many years to share.

So long that we have waited,

To share these golden bands;

Before our friends and family,

As we stand here hand in hand.

The path that we have chosen,

We will never walk alone;

For we have vowed to each other,

That our hearts have found a home.

Simple words are spoken,

As we start a brand new life;

With blessings from God and family and friends,

As we become man and wife.

Allison Chambers Coxsey


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