Daddy's Little Girl


    I know that you are going through a very hard time in your life  right now. You are struggling to get your family together after many years, and finally becoming a whole person trying to make a better life for your children. One that will meet all the standards of the Lord.  It is a very hard road to walk down. It is not the "Yellow Brick Road " from the Wizard of OZ it is the "Rocky Road " of life that you must walk, and there is no end. Each step you take, leads to another rock that may cause you to lose your balance. I wish that there was some way I could take each step for you, but that is not the way it is, all I can do is walk along side of you and help you back up, if you stumble. It is the only thing that you can do for your children also, when it is their turn. No Parent can make the tedious trek for them, everyone has to walk it themselves. My wish and every parents wish is that we can absorb the pain and suffering the "Road of Life" brings to our children, but again that is impossible, we can only share it, not take it away. I will make a promise to you as you walk down that hard road, my promise is:

 1. I will always be by your side no matter how tough the going is.
 2. I will always have a shoulder for you to lean on.
 3. I will always help you up if you stumble.
 4. I will always have a tissue to wipe away your tears.
5. I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU Til Time is No More.

  Thank You for being my Daughter

 and making this Fathers Day



You are and will always be

"Daddy's Little Girl"


All My Love Forevermore  


"From a seed of Love  Ywe shall bloom together"

By Bob Bier



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