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Like patterns in a landscape

are the dreams I left behind-

A tapestry of memories

that never more will bind..

A freedom from that tight control

that once imprisoned l life,

now open minded abstractness

releases me from strife....

The colors of the world

imprinted deeply on my soul-

so why feel black and dismal

when blue peace can be the goal?

To hold a rainbow in your hand,

to feel the colors glow

deep down within your inner heart,

and let the feeling flow...

The red is so flamboyant,

and it cannot be restrained,

but without it, no excitement,

and the heart is sorely pained...

-warm orange is a balance

that combines the best of all-

the promise of a fresh new spring,

the calmness of the fall...

Then yellow bursts into full bloom,

and happiness bursts free,

and chases out those phantom ghosts

that dwell inside of me!

Fresh green of new born thought

buds through.....

-so virginal and pure,

so new in its simplicity,

so comforting and sure.....

These moods come that are painted blue,

but balance is the thing...

Mysterious depths of indigo

will send blues on the wing-

then violet - oh, sweet violet,

your color does enthrall!

It fills my very essence,

and invades my all in all-

So life is just a canvas

on the landscape of the mind,

and the way in which we paint it

is ours solely to decide...

-so fight your way out of the mud,

and keep the colors clear...

and when you've won that battle,

that's when God is very near.

by: Julia Berry


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