Meanest Dad Around

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 Some people may think that I am exaggerating,

but I was sure that my

Dad had to be one of the meanest Dads around.

He didn't even care,

"What the other kids were getting to do."

My Dad had his rules and he meant them!

Dad always strongly believed that:

Allowances are to be earned

Good grades are to be made

The truth is to be told

Pets are to be fed

To fight in the car is to ask for trouble

Muscles are to exercised

Chores are to be completed

And that hard work never hurt anybody!

But, Dad didn't just tell me to do these things.

He showed me how to do them and smiled when I got it right.

Come to think about it, I am turning out okay.

Maybe my Dad's kind of meanness just

meant he really loved me . . .

loved me enough to make sure I did

what was RIGHT.

Some day my kids may think that I'm the meanest parent around.

You know , it wouldn't be so bad if they did -- and for

the very same reasons!

Jerry & Sandi Knode

copyright 1990


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