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To The Families & Friends
Of Loved Ones Lost

Innocence stolen from faces
Bright futures forever lost.
The actions of two dark souls,
Came with a tearful cost.

A light from your hearts is dimmed,
A voice is forever silenced.
By two men's unneeded acts of rage,
And two men's senseless violence.

The pain you all feel,
I can see in your eyes.
In your tears, in your voices,
And in the hurt in your whys.

But despite all the anger,
We must keep our faith alive,
For the ones you all lost,
They really did survive.

They dance across your memories,
And leave footprints in your thoughts.
And looking upon you now,
They can see you love them lots.

They may have left this world,
But they never went alone.
For in the kingdom of our hearts,
They sit upon a diamond throne.

Their spirits are now free,
And God embraced them with open arms,
They flourish in a safe place,
Where they live without worries or harms.

And in God's grace,
They are showered with praise and love to give,
Can you imagine a better paradise,
Where you would want your child to live?

For life's greatest gift,
Is our place in heaven above,
A place where happiness thrives,
And hearts are filled with love.

So take your time to cry,
And let emotions run deep,
But never forget that in your hearts,
The memories you will eternally keep.

I beg you to hold your child close,
And create a relationship of trust,
But above all just adore them,
And saying you care is a must.

And send your love to those in need,
And embrace the mother that cries,
And as the hands of time continue to turn,
It will become much easier to rise.

All we can do is miss them,
And be happy that they are free,
And focus on the fact,
That the future resides in you and me.

For we all have the power,
In our integrity and how we pray,
And always, always remember,
That after the darkest nights,
Rises the brightest day.

-Matthew Phillips



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