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Nothing is as painful,

As unforgiveness to the soul;

A heart that's torn asunder,

With forgiveness becomes whole.

A single kind word spoken

Means more than countless words;

The three words, "I forgive you,"

Are all that need be heard.

To a soul that has been wounded,

Like a healing, cooling balm;

Forgiveness soothes and comforts,

Till at last the soul is calm.

For the soul that seeks forgiveness,

When forgiveness can't be found;

It struggles vainly everyday,

To hear that simple sound.

The power in those three kind words,

Can heal a heart that's broken;

But that heart cannot begin to heal,

As long as words remain unspoken.

Compassion in it's purest sense,

Reside in those three words;

The three words, "I forgive you,"

Are all that need be heard.

This Poem was Graciously Donated by: Allison Chambers Coxsey


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