God Had You In Mind

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I know God must have had you in mind,

When He threw stars across the sky;

For I can see them twinkling there,

When I look into your eyes.

I know He had to be thinking of you,

When He made the moon and the sun;

For He knew that they would shine on you,

As if you were the only one.

I know when He made the mountains,

Formed flowers and morning dew;

When He looked at the splendor of all He'd done,

I know He was thinking of you.

When He created humanity,

You were there on His mind;

Looking 'cross generations,

That you would be one of a kind.

I know when the very first laughter,

Spilled forth from that wondrous place;

God knew one day He would hear you laugh too,

And a smile spread across His face.

I know for a fact you were on His mind,

When He gave His only Son;

For He knew that He would die for you,

As if you were the only one.

I know God must have had you in mind,

Looking down from Heaven above;

For He knew someday I would need someone,

And He sent you for me to love.

Allison Chambers Coxsey


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