I asked the Lord to bless you
 As I prayed for you today,
 To guide you and protect you
 As you go along your way...
 His love is always with you
 His promises are true,
 And when we give Him all our cares
 You know He will see us through.
 So when the road you're traveling on
 Seems difficult at best...
 Just remember I'm here praying
 And God will do the rest.
 Pass this to at least 10 people you
 want God to bless, and don't forget to
 send it back to the one who asked God to
 bless you first.
 This world can never have too many blessings.

 Do what you can, for who you
 can, with what you have, and
 where you are......

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God gives us the gift of faith to share. May we give it to others in the loving spirit in which it was given to us. Sharing is caring.

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