A Gardener's Prayer

The sun is just rising over the horizon,
shafts of light brighten the darkness,
as the light of day once more graces this earth.
My heart feels deep gratitude for this earth
created by my use thru God's son, Jesus.
My thankful heart opens my senses,
and expands my awareness of all around me!
Look at the beautiful greenery!
The trees, shrubs, plants, even the weeds,
they're beautiful!
See the fruits & vegetables
produced by plants of this earth for my use.
The flavors, the textures, the colors!
The plants are nourished by this earth
just as I am.
They grow where they are planted,
and need water, sun and nourishment.
Just as I do as a human living on this earth.
But I have to work by the sweat of my brow
to provide a good environment for these plants to grow.
I am becoming like God.
I am a child of God,
having success thru my efforts
caring for my little patch of earth,
working by the sweat of my brow
all the days of my life tilling the earth.
As I work,
appreciation for my efforts,
and the blossoming earth around me
fills my heart with joy,
I pray as I work in my garden,
and then leaning on my hoe,
I see shafts of light illuminate the greenery,
as once more I feel the sun's warmth,
blessing my garden.

Derry Bresee, 8-7-98

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