A Little Too Late

Today I bought you flowers for the first time ever
Today I got down on my knees and told you I would love you forever
Today I knew we would never have another fight
Today I prayed for God to help me walk in His Light
Today I vowed I would never have another drink and God knows I meant it
Today I chose to gaze at your beautiful face instead of the television set
Today I learned you can not go back and fix the mistakes of the past
Today I learned of both a love and pain that will forever last
Today I found out what really being sorry is all about
Today I found that with you I would have to do without
Yes all these things I learned in just one day
Lessons that really came at too high a price for anyone to have to pay
Because last night you begged me not to get behind the wheel
But I let alcohol take over and it helped me kill
My inner battle with rage spilled over and I made you get in with me
It wasn't the first time but the last time it will be
Today my penance began for the wrongs I committed against you
For last night I lost the only one in my life that was pure and true
Just yesterday I was blind and could not see
Now I see through pain much too clearly
Last night I didn't even get to say goodbye
And that can't be changed no matter how much I cry
Today I could only say goodbye to a cold hard stone
Then turned and walked away with grief to bear alone
For today I laid you down to rest
God sat it before me but I failed the test
Yes today I learned of things both small and great
Only today was just a little too late

By:Aletha Humphrey Copywrite 2000
If we pass this on to everyone we know and they pass it on to everyone they know maybe we might just save a life.

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