When changes happen in our lives,
what really matters is that we
try our best to deal
with the situation.
If we make an effort towards
working things out,
then we give ourselves the opportunity
to decide our fate
and make choices about which way
our futures may lead us.

Being happy and content doesn't mean
living in a world of perfect harmony;
rather, it means that you
allow yourself to flow with
the music that plays in your life.
Enjoy the different melodies
of each unique day.

Be flexible and easygoing;
you'll be surprised at how much
better you feel when you don't
try to control everything.

But also be ready to make choices
and follow through on them,
because they are the decisions
that will influence all aspects
of your life.

Always remember that positive thinking
allows the songs in your heart
to make beautiful sounds for
everyone to enjoy.

By Deanna Beisser

 Whatever decision we make in life,

let us not forget that things do happen for a reason.

In a life full of wonders and surprises,

we can never expect things to turn out the way

we want to all the time.

But one thing's for sure...

Let us not look back
to the "road of regret" because there's always

some form of "light" in whatever lies ahead...

Unknown Author.

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