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What if...?

God couldn't take the time

to Bless us to day

because we could not take the time

to thank Him yesterday


What if...?

God decided to

stop leading us tomorrow

Because we didn't

follow him today...


What if...?

God didn't walk with us today

because we failed to

recognize it as his day...


What if....?

We never saw another flower bloom

because we grumbled

when God sent the rain.....


What if...?

God stopped loving and

caring for us because

we failed to love and care for others....


What if...?

God took away the Bible

tomorrow, because

we would not read it today


What If...?

God took away his message

because we failed to listen

to his messenger...


What if...?

God didn't send

His only begotten Son because

he wanted us be

prepared to pay the price of sin...


What if...?

The door to the church

was closed because

we did not open the door of our hearts...


What if...?

God would not hear us today because

we would not listen

to Him yesterday.....


What if...?

God answered our prayers

the way we answer

his call to service


What if...?

God met our needs

the way we give

Him our lives...


What if...?

We failed to pass this message on....

Author unknown

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