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A Parent's Guide toTeaching your Child Refusal Skills

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Dear Parents:

With our children rests our hope for tommorrow. Unfortunately, our children are growing up in a society far different than when we walked in their shoes.
As adults, we assume a lot of responsibilities, but none greater than guiding and shaping our children. Today's youth travels a road filled with choices about drugs, gangs and violence. Our children need a sense of direction- they need your direction, for without it, they likely will become lost.
Saying No to offers involving drug abuse, gangs or violence sounds so simple-but to our children their ability to refuse such offers often brings a sense of fear and confusion. Our children's refusal skills need to become instinctive- for only then will they become confident in their ability to Just Say No to Drugs.


While this refusal technique is certainly the most fundamental, some children simply forget to try it. Simply SAYING NO THANKS often works when children are faced with friendly or teasing pressure. However it is important that our children understand that sometimes SAYING NO THANKS doesn't work. They need to develop the knowledge and confidence that there are other refusal skills. They need to keep trying until they find one that does work. Copyright 1996 Bruce A. Beard

25 Ways to say NO!! to drugs...

Do drugs? Are you joking?
I'd rather be choking!
I'm saving my body for sports!
My father would KILL ME!
Just KEEP IT, don't bill me!
I've read all the latest reports!

Are YOU such a loser
A dope and a boozer?
Get lost and don't bother to call!
My head is not hollow!
I won't take a swallow!

"21" Get high, like a rocket?
Your brain's in your pocket
And you've sent all your marbles to space,
If you think for a minute
That I'd dive right on in it,
Just by the blank stare on my face!

Do drugs, are you crazy?
I may be called lazy,
But I still have a functioning head!
Go spread your infection
Some other direction!
I'd rather go skiing instead!

"Do drugs!" are you stating?
I'd rather go skating
Than being so "cool" to pretend.
I'm NOT a "me-tooer,
Go swim in the SEWER,
'Cause I don't need YOU as a friend!

"Get stoned" are you saying!
I'd rather go playing
Some racquetball, tennis, or bowl
I'd rather be funning
Than constantly running
From the "narcs" and the highway patrol!

"A sip" are you bidding?
You've got ot be kidding!
I'll stick to my cola and pop!
You're very kindhearted,
But once I get started
Who knows if I ever could STOP!

Cocaine are you handing?
Your head is EXPANDING
If you think I am really that DUMB!
The fools, who have tried it
Are buried beside it,
So KEEP IT and suck on your thumb!

Buy drugs that you're selling?
I guess there's no telling
How BAD you are needing the dough!
To finance your habit
Go find Roger Rabbit,
'Cause all I will tell you is --- NO!


* Falling in love.

* Laughing so hard your face hurts.

* A hot shower.

* No lines at the Super Walmart.

* A special glance.

* Getting mail.

* Taking a drive on a pretty road.

* Hearing your favorite song on the radio.

* Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.

* Hot towels out of the dryer.

* Walking out of your last final.

* Finding the sweater you want is on sale for half price.

* Chocolate milkshake.

* A long distance phone call.

* Getting invited to a dance.

* A bubble bath.

* Giggling.

* A good conversation.

* A care package.

* The beach.

* Finding a $20 bill in your coat from last winter.

* Laughing at yourself.

* Midnight phone calls that last for hours.

* Running through sprinklers.

* Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.

* Having someone tell you that you're beautiful.

* Laughing at an inside joke.

* Friends.

* Falling in love for the first time.

* Slumber parties.

* Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.

* Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.

* Your first kiss.

* Being part of a team.

* Making new friends or spending time with old ones.

* Playing with a new puppy.

* Late night talks with your roommate that keep you from sleeping.

* Having someone play with your hair.

* Sweet dreams.

* Hot chocolate.

* Road trips with friends.

* Swinging on swings.

* Watching a good movie cuddled up on a couch with someone you love.

* Wrapping presents under the Christmas tree while eating cookies

and drinking eggnog.

* Song lyrics printed inside your new CD so you can sing along

without feeling stupid.

* Going to a really good concert.

* Getting butterflies in your stomach every time you see that one person.

* Making eye contact with a cute stranger.

* Winning a really competitive game.

* Making chocolate chip cookies!

* Having your friends send you homemade cookies!

* Spending time with close friends!

* Running through the fountains with your friends.

* Riding a bike downhill.

* The feeling after running a few miles-an accomplishment!

* The feeling you get the first time you step on stage.

* Seeing smiles and hearing laughter from your friends...

* Holding hands with someone you care about.

* Wearing your boyfriend's shirt that still smells like his cologne.

* Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good

or bad) never change.

* Discovering that love is unconditional and stronger than time.

* Riding the best roller coasters over and over.

* Hugging the person you love.

* Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a

much-desired present from you.

* Kisses on your forehead from the first and only boy you have ever loved.

* Watching the sunrise.

* Getting out of bed every morning and thanking God for another beautiful day.

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