Women Veterans

"To the world you may be but one person.. but to one person you may be the world."


We weren't just tokens or pretty faces,
to decorate your offices and platoons;
we weren't dumb, too plain or too stupid
to make it in the real world.
We've marched your muddy roads,
carried and shot your heavy guns.
We've been shot at, wounded, and died,
and been prisoners of war.
We've been active in all services,
and risen to high ranks.
We've tended your bleeding wounds,
and held you when you were dying.
We've flown your mighty airplanes
and navigated your giant ships.
We've fixed your broken engines
and driven heavy equipment.
We've mailed letters for you,
and brought you news from home.
We've stood along side of you,
without flinching or running away,
and continue to stand by you today.
We are not asking for special treatment,
or that you should go out of your way.
We're only asking that you recognize
that women are veterans, too.

by Lynda K. Dokken USMC 1966-67

Momma Is a Soldier

I woke up one bright morning
And I heard my momma say
I heard her telling Daddy
That she had to leave that day

I knew that she'd be gone awhile
Just like she was before...
And I looked with love at her smiling
As she walked out of the door

Oh Daddy did the best he could
He was so good and kind
I think he tried to make up for
When momma left me behind

You see she is a soldier
She must go when duty calls
But she doesn't know I don't
All those papers on the wall

The last time Momma left us
My tears begin to fall
She told me not to cry for her
To watch the papers on the wall

That she'd be back to love me
And we'd laugh and play again
That she'd be leaving messages
Until we'd meet again...

She loved to serve her country
Was so I could be free
My momma was a soldier first
And then a mom to me...

Now she is an angel...
Her plane crashed in the sea
She won't be coming back
To laugh and play with me

Yes, Momma was a soldier
She stood brave and tall
Now all I have to play with
Is her medal on the wall...

Author: Jene Lindaman


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