A whisper

It has been a week since I've last seen you
the fears I have for your safety
the tears I've shed awaiting your return
the emptiness deep within my heart
yearning, for one more glance of you

The days are long and weary
the nights bring unwanted thoughts
longing to hear you're voice
if even just a whisper
letting me know without a doubt
you're safe and warm

These thoughts of mine
are driving me insane
please my darling daughter
call, if even just to whisper
Mom, I am doing fine

I feel your fears
from deep inside
your faith I know is there
trust in him my dear
for even a whisper
he will always here

Answers we seek
may not always be clear
sometimes not the ones we want to hear
but from the depths of our hearts
we know
that even a whisper
will hold the answers
for his love is always there

The time has come
for me to hand this over to him
my heart can't take the beatings anymore
I know he will watch you
guide you through your troubled times
help you understand why
even a whisper
will move mountains
for all time

Whisper to him my dear
tell him your fears
open your heart to his loving embrace
only then
will you find answers
that will lead you here

Here, home, safe and warm
where I can gaze upon you
as you sleep so sound
whisper those words
I've whispered so many times
Your loved my dearest daughter
til the end of time

Mom 1998

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