The Crossing Guard


There is a job that I love to do,

Before I can say, my day is thru.

Monday thru Friday is when it's done,

There are some days that's hard but more that are fun.


We deal with traffic, young children and even the old,

We're out there when it's hot and when it's very cold.

Our assignments are mornings, noon and after school.

No matter the weather be it hot or be it cool.


We have mothers, daughters, and fathers to name a few.

We also have grandmas and grandpas' they need to work too.

We have our bright vest, gloves and whistle to blow.

To stop the traffic so the children can go.


Some crossings are longer than others we've done.

But dealing with children can be so much fun.

The children are all ages from the young to the old.

And some of the stories that we are told.


Sometimes children come just one at a time,

And when I talk to my friends I call them all mine.

There's days when I see a little tear on a face.

So I say something nice, which makes my corner a special place.


There are days that children just pour out their heart,

And you stand there and listen as it just tares me apart.

Some go home and get on the phone,

And others just sit quietly alone.


I've worked this job for many a year,

And I still find it hard to hold back that tear.

I watch them come and I watch them go,

In the heat, the rain and in the snow.


While shopping one day in the grocery store,

A young man called me by name so I had to hear more.

I listened, and looked and to my surprise,

Here was my old patrol standing right before my eyes.


Many years have come and many years have gone by,

And all the children I deal with are special in my eye.

My children are grown and have one's of their own,

But guess who crosses them as they head for their home.


To the traffic we deal with day after day,

We're only here doing our jobs for our pay,

So when you see the guards on the street,

Smile and wave Hi and try to be sweet.


We=re there for your safety and hopefully ours too,

To help buses and children get to and from school.

So stop when we tell you and go when we say,

And everyone will have a safe and happier day.

Author: Genevieve A. Wells

Prince George's County Crossing Guard

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