Find Christ in the clouds.

Dear friends,

I am the "young lady" who took this picture (below) about 20 years ago while
on the way to my father's home in Kentucky. We were driving through the
Smoky Mts.but it wasn't storming.  I just love clouds and the sky and I was
taking indescriminate shots of the sky as we drove. While it is true that we
never saw what I had snapped until after they were developed, it was not the
developer who pointed it out to us, it was a dear friend to whom we were
showing all of our vacation shots. He said, "Oh my gosh!! Look at this! Did
you see this?!?!?" We had not... but afterwards, how can you see anything

Imagine my shock to see this picture  used in this way?!! I am so delighted
that many thousands more will be able to see it this way - and hopefully it
will impact them as much as the thousands of others to whom we have given
copies over the years.

We have heard lots of different versions of stories to accompany this
picture, so we finally wrote it down to give away with every set of pictures
we gave to try to keep it straight. Many times people are looking for some
supernatural thing that would be the reason behind God allowing something
like this to happen - my personal opinion is that God is God, and He will do
what He wants when He wants to do it. There was no tremendous healing that
took place, there were no angels singing (that WE heard - LOL!), there was
just joy in seeing His great handiwork! He is worthy of praise and honor,
and I think He just delights in letting us know that He is always there,
always near, always watching and waiting for us to turn to Him.

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