I hear the sounds of hooves beating
as the waves
come crashing in,

I hear the sound of thunder roaring
as the white caps
slap against the rocks;

I hear the sound of laughter
in the rustling
of the leaves,

I hear the sound of hearts beating
as the eagle
flaps its wings,

I hear the sound of Angels whispering
as the wind blows
through the trees,

All this I hear and more,
as I let my imagination
run wild with me.

I see a thousand candles glowing
as the lightning strikes
across the mid-night sky;

I see the tears of a million children crying
as the rain falls
from the heavens

I see tiny fairies dancing playfully
as the stars twinkle
in the night.

I see the face of God
as the sun shines its warm rays
upon the Earth,

All this I see and more
as I let my imagination
run wild with me.

In my heart there is a world of wonder,
a world that only
my imagination knows.

When I close my eyes to sleep,
I dream of things
only my minds eyes sees.

My dreams are of things
that Man
will probably never know...

My minds eyes are filled
with sights and sounds
that Man may never hear or see.

To hear the sounds
of rushing waters
against the rocky shores,

To see the dancing stars at night,
Man must let his feelings soar.

To the highest height
that his soul can reach
and even farther than he knows,

To let his imagination
take hold of him
and let him fly like a Hawk,

To let all of the universe
come together as one
in harmony of understanding.

Then listen to the sounds
that Freedom makes
and let your imagination run

Lesley A. Welsh
-aka- AutumnRose@~}
May 09, 1997

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