No Need to Fret

There is no need to fret over what is to be.

I know there is a god and he cares for me.

Don’t you know he is God? The righteous and true.

No matter what things might seem he will take care of you.

He knows the beginning, the middle, and the end.

He is every one of those things, no matter what you may pretend.

There is nothing he can’t do.

No problem he can’t get me through.

With him as my guide there is no way I can go wrong,

As long as I follow his heavenly song.

Why can’t we all see the good from above?

The heavenly father who is 0ur love,

He fills my life with meaning he makes my soul complete.

Without him I would have no meaning, I would fall in defeat.

But he sent his son that died for my sins.

So when I fail I he forgives me again and again.

Jesus’ death on the cross gave me life.

The pain he felt was my strife.

It was taken away through those hammers and nails.

On that cross Jesus took the punishment for all the times I would fail.

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