Touch me Lord

Touch me, Lord, and let me hear-

The hurt in others' voices,

Touch me, Lord, and help me see

To make the better choices.


Touch me, Lord, whisper to me

That I may face tomorrow.

Touch me, Lord, that I might help

Someone in deepest sorrow.


Touch me, Lord, show me the way,

That I may help all others

Touch me, Lord, to do thy will,

And always love my brothers.


Touch me, Lord, let me live

A life that's worth living.

Touch me, Lord, teach me to praise

And let me be forgiving.


Touch me, Lord, let me obey,

Honor You by how I Live.

Touch me, Lord, please make me whole

Let me, please, be quick to give.


Touch me, Lord, please let me feel,

compassion for all mankind,

Touch me, Lord, let me obey.

Never let this slip my mind.


Touch me, Lord, for You are wise,

Let Your wisdom take control

Touch me Lord, and take away,

All my sins and make me whole.


Touch me, Lord, that I’ll obey,

Your servant, Lord, I would be.

Touch me, Lord, let your spirit,

Always be alive in me.


Touch me, Lord, and draw me near,

And cradle me in Your love.

Touch me, Lord, while I am here,

Lead me to my home above.


Touch me, Lord, that I won’t hurt,

The very ones I love most.

Touch me, Lord, with the power-

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


Poetry written together by

Ruth Ann Mahaffey& Glen Pysell

"Touch Me Lord"

©Copyright 2001

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