What Is A Brother?

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Brothers can be older or younger,
even if they are your twin.
Older or younger, with a brother,
you never seem to win.

An older brother likes to pull rank,
and show you whose boss.
But in times of trouble,
He will defend his younger siblings,
no matter what the cost.

A younger brother is noisy, pesky
and nonstop wants to play,
No matter what you do or where you go,
he is always in your way.

Who our brothers are, we don't have a choice,
So, we accept them with pride and just rejoice.

The role of a brother changes as he grows older,
His image of a sibling role model, becomes
more profound and bolder.

In a fatherless home, he would be
cool to have around,
role model image of a father,
through him could be found.

Your brother can be your confidant, young or old,
Many secrets, between siblings have unfolded.

When you are friendless and need a friend,
A brother is there to comfort and befriend you,
thru thick or thin.

A brother listens to your problems,
when he has the time and you feel the need,
Some good advice he can gave--Yes indeed!

As a sister, don't have a problem with
a boyfriend, especially one he doesn't like,
His protective nature, will quickly tell that boyfriend to
"Go take a hike."

A brother can bring joy to a family,
good hugs, laughs and fun
I thank God that he gave me several
brothers and not just one.

Dorothy Martin July 1998



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