Bible Puzzles by Darryl Clemmons

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#1 I am different from any creation in the world because while I was made and owned of a man, I once had God inside. Even though I am unique, I am not one of a kind because you find ones similar to me all through the pages of the Bible.  As a matter of fact, every woman used us and all but a couple men. One man from the Old Testament and one from the New even used us twice. I am quite popular as songs have been written concerning me, I am celebrated every year, and have even been visited by angels. You can find my story in the gospels. Do you know me?
#2 I donít walk, crawl, or run I only can fly I once helped out a prophet As I parted the sky; Iím a creation of God Rarely seen by the eye; Iíll never get sick, Suffer, or die; Iím just a bright flash As I travel along; Itís possible you heard my name in a movie Or even in a song; Youíll find me among Kings, So away you should go To the best Book that you own, And then my name you can know. Who am I?
#3 On the Printed Page I surely stand tall, By my side my people thought They would never fall, Iíve kept my people From the enemyís hand And given them a safe, secure, And peaceful land Iíve protected my people Both day and night However, I never really Joined in the fight Iíve seen friend and foe And harlots and spies Iíve heard trumpets and shouts And even some lies Upon my demise I didnít go to hell Nor did I go to heaven And one thing that caught my attention Was the number seven From that day forward My people were never the same But can you search the Old Testament  And tell me my name?
#4 I was first in line And then there was another You may not know me But you surely know my brother My appearance was grand And I stood real tall But at the words of the prophet I felt real small I was in a battle for my country But fear had me in its grip So I didnít take the challenge Because I knew I would get whipped Now even though I say this You will not believe itís true But my daughter even married My great-nephew I know that sounds strange But even his people did part I guess I should have listenedó What really matters is the heart.
#5 My master picked me up With his great hand And used me one day According to Godís great plan He escaped the mighty enemy But beat them all first And then called on the Lord Because he had a great thirst Well then I gave him drink Which helped him revive Of course the enemy was sad That God kept him alive The next passage you read He sinned against God But before long you see More enemies he trod My master you know well But now we shall see If you can go to your Bible And give my name to me.
#6 I labored hard For the prophet one day We were making a house Or at least a place to stay We were chopping some wood But I stopped real quick I went and hid But was found with a stick Iím sorry about this Because the work I did hinder My favorite verse is ďThe borrower is servant to the lender.Ē
#7 Iíve seen king and prophet And Shunammite And one of the times It involved a great big light It involved water and people And a whole lot of noise An altar was made
But later destroyed One time involved a chariot Rain, and seven times Which all got started Because of a kingís great crime One time involved a servant, a sonís death,
And a womanís great plea In these stories many were present But as Godís creation I was at all three.
#8 I was a beautiful young virgin If you really must know And I entered the biblical page
In a great royal show I faced heartache and turmoil And a whole lot of strife And I once had a secret That later saved my life I even faced possible death From the king of the land But I knew I was safe When he stretched out his hand I also faced fear
But I trusted the Lord And the enemy I faced Was defeated with a cord Some today who face trouble Believe life is so empty But I know life is full of purpose Because God had a plan for me.
#9 On the Bible page youíll find me Full of deceit and lies My sister I will say I loved
But my brother I despised I tried to overthrow the government For authority I did not respect And when my neighbor didnít listen His field I did wreck My father did love me And he loved me till the end But even my fatherís love Would not keep me from my sin Oh, I was beautiful And full of pride you might say But when it came time to die I died a most unusual way.
#10 I entered the Bible In a most unusual way I came to a ruler by surprise On a very special day This ruler was arrogant And also very proud I didnít even speak to him
So I wasnít very loud He used that which belonged to God In a way that showed that he was vile And at just the sight of me His fear I did rile My messed he did not understand Though he tried with all his might And just to throw you a bit I never learned to write.
#11 I was a giant in my country and people bowed to me And if for some reason they didn't their life would no longer be My king was mighty powerful God's people he did attack And even with their history of war they could not push him back Of course I'm in the Bible and I know that doesn't mean I'm right But there upon the Bible pages you will even find my height I was extremely valuable and before great people I did appear Musicians stood all around but their music I did not hear And what I'm about to tell you I want you to know it is no joke That even with people all around words I never spoke.
#12 I once was lost but now I am found And for some time I wasn't around I was taken to a ruler and upon hearing my words He became very humble because of what he heard Well, he tore his clothes and then sought his Lord Revival swept the land
and became part of the written record And in a way you might say I even saved his life Because I kept him from the evil that brought his people heartache and strife.
#13 I was there in the story when Jesus fell asleep at sea I was there when Jesus told James & John to "Follow Me" I was there when Jesus spake the parables to the multitude I was there when Jesus rebuked the wind and sea and changed their attitude I was there when Peter walked on the water and ended up wet I was there when the fish broke the disciples' net In all these stories you will find me there But I am not a human I do solemly declare.
#14 I was a powerful man who could not be beat Whenever I fought the enemy I would sweep him off his feet As I looked at my city I knew it was no dump And while I considered myself a tree God made me into a stump My residence was changed and I had to live off the land But when I looked unto God only then did I understand.
#15 A man of God and a man of the devil Decided one day their enemy they would level When they asked for my help I was told what to say But I looked at that man and said, "There's no way! To the Lord Jehovah I must be true." But when my answer they heard the king felt a little blue An order was given I was also slapped on the cheek The Lord's word he did not follow but the way of false prophets he did seek I was put into prison and affection was my bread But when the king entered the battle he ended up dead.
#16 My arrival I know it surely was planned People waited for me throughout the land Some were prepared and others were not And when I arrived the king surely got hot
The promise of my arrival it was not a dud Because there was not a single house withouth the shedding of blood If people believed they would be prepared And many a life could have surely been spared.
#17 I was full of good works a lot I did do When you meet me in the Bible my friends look real blue Two men were sent to someone you know And as he received the message away he did go I had already been washed and put into bed So they showed him my work and to me he sped He spoke to me and his words were so wise But when my friends saw me they couldn't believe their eyes. 
#18 I am the greatest of all you are nothing without me I rejoice in truth and not in iniquity I have never been jealous and I've never been proud And when I speak to you it is never real loud I don't seek my own way I always look to another And I care so much for your sister and brother I carry hope and endurance wherever I trod And in case you are wondering I am not God!
#19 On the pages of Scripture I am commended But my one true love I offended I labored for him and did not faint I was also patient just like a saint I found the liars and wrong deeds made me heave But repentance I needed because my love I did leave.
#20 I had a friend who was thrown in jail What his name was I shall not tell He died right there and it's really sad Because my family was to blame which makes me look bad He spoke God's Word whenever he had the chance But he lost his life after a supper and a dance.
#21 I was not too big And I was not too small And not many listened When the Lord did call I was the one Who kept Godís people safe When judgment came down In a most unusual way You see me a short while And not much more And God didnít really use me Until He shut a door Iíve seen many a creature And many a man But for much of the time I was not upon the land And apart from me Everybody died And in case you are wondering I was never really alive.
#22 I was a great success With war and might But I did an awful thing That just wasnít right You learn of me When I am sixteen And I prospered a lot While a prophet was on the scene I built towers and wells And had cattle to boot And those around Even gave me some loot My army was equipped And made me real strong And I did real well Until temptation came along When I stood where I shouldnít Others told me to leave But when I didnít listen A deadly disease I did receive.
#23 I was full of faith And a man of power I was Godís chosen spokesman For the hour
I spoke with wisdom No one could refute But my words ended With a great dispute
Men didnít listen Because there were not of God Upon His word These men did trod They lied about me And stirred up men All because they accused me Of some great sin But at least they heard Of Godís great grace And they could even see it
As they looked upon my face.
#24 I once met Abram Who was Godís friend A man who was blessed Above all men
I spoke to him And gave bread and wine And he gave to me But it still wasnít mine
Little you know of meó Iím not well-known Because by time I enter the story Iím almost gone.
#25 When I enter the Bible Iím only eighteen About eight years later Things get real mean I was stripped of my power And taken to a distant land I was thrown into prison By a mighty powerful man For thirty-seven years That is where I stayed But from under his power I never strayed And for my diet I ate of his bread And this is what I did Until the day I was dead.
#26 The servant couldnít see His eyes were closed But we stood around While danger was posed But Godís man looked on And did not fear He commanded the enemy
And to their enemy did steer He prevailed that day As we stood by But we didnít hurt a one And thatís no lie.
#27 Saul sought me For what my people did And all of us He was to rid Vengeance was the Lordís But Saul didnít obey Instead he rebelled And sinned that day It cost Saul greatly And you should learn too That God demands obedience From both me and you.
#28 I was proud of me And what I had done I wanted to be seen By everyone I wanted fame, recognition, And notoriety And a few young men Would later carry me I saw what some were doing And decided to imitate And the decision was made By me and my mate But the Lord knew the truth And stopped me in my track And I would have done differently If I could have went back..
#29 I helped an apostle you know Who was really in need And I nearly lost my life While doing this good deed I was sick unto death I want you to know But he later told me
ďI want you to go Your people do need you And you know it is true Because they love us so much Both me and you.Ē
#30 My father took a vow One day in a battle That he would give to God (he probably thought of sheep or cattle) A burnt offering he would give If God answered his prayer But when he returned home He didnít expect to find me standing there My father was honest And you will know that is true When you look at his words To see what he must do It caused a lot of pain And he tore his clothes And I bet he even cried Every morning when he arose And if you read my story Iím sure you will agree
I am the most obedient daughter That you will ever see.
#31 I was a very beautiful woman I think you will agree Because when I walked by men They wanted me A man with a camel Liked what he saw And when a king saw me My husband acted like his Pa Iím pretty well known Upon the Bible page So find out when I got married By telling my husbandís age And while you do that Please donít get mad Because I also want to know What he did that reminds you of his dad.
#32 I am a Jew you may know Who was kicked out of Rome Who traveled with Paul During a journey he was on I lay down my neck For an apostle one day And once took an eloquent Jew And showed him a more perfect way I had a church in my house And a wife you may know And a few times Iím in the Bible Someone is saying, ďHello.Ē
#33 Iím quoted so often And basically loved by all Many turn to me When problems befall I speak of a shepherd You probably know And the comfort he brings As he leads where to go I was written by a man Whose times were often not well But I help so many people As I tell them where they shall dwell Iím found in the Bible Of course you should have known that So start turning the pages To find where I am at.
#34 People followed me From dusk till dawn They knew where I was By the light I had on Others heard and knew That God was present Because I was there Wherever God sent I stayed by them For hours on end And the people knew that I to them God did send God once looked through me And saw a great host And He troubled them And they no longer could boast I am a very popular object That you surely do know But Iím not seen any more And I donít put on a show.
#35 I was a man of God But my children rebelled I served the Lord But my children failed I spoke to them But they would not give heed They continued in their sin And in their wicked deed I should have taken a stand And dealt with their sin Because then we wouldnít have ended up In the mess we were in But God brought another Along my way Who I greatly loved And showed the right way I grew real old I surely will admit And the last time you saw me I couldnít even sit.
#36 You may have never thought about it But you might want to know When you see me in Scripture God really put on a show The prophet of God spoke to me And a miracle I did And you actually have ones like me But mainly we stay hid When you see me in the Bible A shaking does take place And I was covered so good you couldnít see me Not even a trace By now you may be stumped And not know what I am But sometimes you even think of me When you start cooking a ham.
#37 We are in the Bible Not many a time And once when we are there We are committing a crime You find us in the story Of a righteous man Who is no stranger to you Even though he lived in a distant land We enter the scene In a most dreadful way While this upright man Was having a really rotten day Men were killed And only one was spared And he went to Godís man And told how he fared We are a people unfamiliar And in case youíre keeping score The times we are mentioned in the Bible Is the number four.
#38 We were the second in a list God used one time To speak to a leader When he was still in his prime He wouldnít listen at all And it cost him the most Because instead of listening to God He continued to boast We were a judgment on him That would drive most mad And even when we were stopped The place stank real bad I guess only magicians Could imitate this feat But compared to Godís work They would take a back seat.
#39 I was twelve years old When I began to reign And the way I lived You would think I was insane I was a very evil man Who built altars for the host of heaven And the years that I ruled Was five times eleven I carved me an idol And placed it in Godís house So as you can tell I was a pretty big louse Well God knew it And He put me in affliction And you will not believe my story But it isnít a fiction You see I repented And myself I did humble And when I told others to serve the Lord I didnít even mumble.
#40 I was a wicked woman Just like Queen Jezebel Who was so brutal You would think I was from hell I destroyed my own grandchildren And I didnít care Because I saw my chance to take the thrown And I wouldnít share The people didnít like me I know this is true But who caredóit didnít bother me Or make me turn blue I just kept ruling with force And kept the people in terror But I missed one child And that was my error It cost me my life As I died with the sword But I certainly deserved it Because I didnít honor the house of the Lord.
#41 The children of Israel you know Often served me But Iím not sure whyó I canít even see For me they made altars And molten images as well And the sins they committed Are too numerous to tell Time and again To me did they bow Yet I was no different From their golden cow Jehovah was the true God But they at times chose me first Even though I was fake And one of the worst High places I had But at times they were shattered Israel should have served God Because that was all that mattered.
#42 The prophet sat in his house And talked to the elders one day While the king sent a messenger Along his merry way The stern message he sent Was one of fear and dread Because in it he demanded To have the prophetís head There was a famine in the land With no food that any could see But the prophet said, ďWait, For in 24 hours, plenty of food shall beĒ But I had to open my big mouth  The prophet I did not believe I said, ďEven if the windows of heaven open This much food we shall not receiveĒ He said I was wrong and would see the food But I would never partake And he was right on both accounts For I made a grave mistake.
#43 There were some kings in my day Who were missing a toe And the reason they did Was because they were my foe Their thumbs were also gone And they suffered a lot But I didnít realize the pain Until I was later in their spot I lost more than the battle But I want you to know I learned no matter who you are You shall reap what you sow.
#44 I am found in the books of Nehemiah, Esther, and Daniel And there are times when you see me That all is not well I was there when news arrived That the walls were not there Which caused the man of God Much concern and much care I was there when the king Gave his great feast And his wife who was the greatest Soon became the least I was there when the virgins Were brought unto me And I was there when wicked Hamaan Issued his decree I was also present when Daniel Had one of his dreams And in this vision you might say He found himself near a great stream Iím not a human nor a spirit I am simply a thing My name means ďLilyĒ And Iím often found with a king.
#45 I am better than riches And better than ointment I stuck with my owners Wherever they went But I was easy to lose And very difficult to win And most will never have me Because they are living in sin The Lord has me And can give me to others And all should have me Who are Christian brothers I am a prized possession You spend your whole life to gain And I hope that you find me Even if you have to strain.
#46 The prophet had pity on me And that was kind of strange Because he didnít care about the people And didnít want them to change But I had helped him out When in my shadow he sat And he was glad I was there But he acted like a brat You see he wanted to die And not to live But then a speech to the prophet The Lord did give The Lord corrected him And spoke to him the truth Because God had done what He did For the sake of cattle and youth.
#47 I was grieved exceedingly When Israelís welfare was sought But letters from the king To the governors were brought I was angered at the people And spoke to my brothers that day And we decided they would fail And not succeed in any way With the man of God We then decided we would meet And at this time we were sure This man we would beat But he was far too wise for us And saw through this little ploy So he continued in Godís work And brought His people joy.
#48 My brother sought my vengeance Because I had been slain But my killer had allowed me to go And the offer he made plain My foot was fast so awfully quick I have been compared to the roe But when he made his offer I was most unwilling to go I decided that I would stand And look him in the eye But by time that he was finished On my back I would lie Others came a running And beside me they stood still And though my killer turned to the king He my brother did kill.
#49 You may not know me But my father was well known And I did a terrible thing When my dad was gone There were many a son Whom father could say, ďThey are mineĒ And I was born out of wedlock To his own concubine Now I sought all my uncles To help me in my plan Which was to kill all my brothers And that was many a man Seventy I killed And then I left them for dead And the evil we did God rendered on our heads.
#50 I was extremely tall And my purpose was to kill a man But things donít always happen The way that we plan Everyone could see me For I surely stood tall But my master didnít realize That on me he would fall And of my masterís ten sons I also took their life Because he had caused Godís people A lot of heartache and strife I was prepared for the day When his work would be But all he devised Fell with the kingís decree.

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